Christ quintessence 25ml

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Product Description:
Basic Theme : Sacrificial Love & ”Christ Consciousness”
Colour : Deep Red
Fragrance : Deep, spicy, earthy

The Christ Quintessence offers us the opportunity to see where it is and what it is that makes us suffer.The Buddha said there are three forms of suffering, getting what you don't want, wanting what you can't have and not knowing the difference. With this quintessence we can begin to understand our own suffering so that it has less hold on us. We begin to see our mental and emotional habits that create suffering. We begin to see how they have no substance in reality but are of our making. So there is a rememberance of Christmas and the joy associated with that even in the midst of the recognition of our suffering. It is a remembrance made easier by the addition of the aroma of Cedar from Lebanon, which was also used as an ancient enbalming fluid.

By bringing a personal experience of sacrificial love into the auric sphere of the individual, this Quintessence offers the potential for a letting go into the acceptance of life. The deep red of this quintessences gives a practicality to the understanding. In letting go of suffering we can become present to the present. The qualities of presence and understanding and practicality lead to the possibility of caring in a new way, of knowing what is need now. So it lead to right action.

Produced by: Wikinggruppen
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