Quintessecespray 20ml El Morya 20ml

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Product Description:
Basic Theme : Thy will be done
Colour: Pale Blue
Fragrance : Flowery

The El Morya quintessence assists with the discovery of one's Life Purpose. This means being more available to accept our beauty. It further supports the alignments of the subtle bodies that will be required to pursue this spiritual goal.

El Morya quiets and protects the subtle bodies, while providing the right energies to bring forth harmony, peace and artistic capabilities. It allows the understanding of the ”laws of light” to deepen on every level and access information contained within the astral body.

This Quintessence helps people who are not on good terms with their parents to find and clarify their issues. The same qualities support mothers and fathers-to-be, as they open the way for new and positive patterns of conduct. El Morya also supports work with the 'archetypal mother and father' who are our role models.

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Produced by: Wikinggruppen
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