QS007 S:t Germain Pale Violet

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Product Description:
Theme : Healing, Alchemy, Re-Birth & Transmutation
Colour: Pale Violet
Fragrance: Flowery

The Saint Germain Quintessence and it's power to transmute conditions and states, is a catalyst and transforms negative energies into positive ones. Positive and negative have no self nature. It is all the same energy either blocked to the point of being destructive or used creatively and lovingly. The transmuting qualities can help to overcome issues to do with survival, for example to do with money and security.

S:t Germain is the most calming of all the vapours within the Quintessences. Capable of changing the inner energetic condition, it transmutes any unbalanced or unresolved emotional issues. Further, as this Quintessence makes it possible to empathize with others, it opens the way to a re-connection in damaged or suffering relationships.

Produced by: Wikinggruppen
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