Serapis Bey quintessence 25ml

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Product Description:
Basic Theme:”Cleansing”
Colour: Clear
Fragrance: Spicy and Flowery

The Serapis Bey can offer purification of thought and feeling, clarity and new beginnings. This quintessence may tune us into the energy of the stars, an understanding of ancient cultures and is reputed to hold the 'keys' to the mineral kingdom. Therefore it is particularly well suited for work with crystals, in fact all crystals because it too reflects all of the colours just as all colours can be found in the different crystals. The clear or white light can be refracted to form a rainbow of coloured light.

Serapis Bey reveals our inner essence through the purification of the subtle bodies, providing clarity of purpose and vision. It is the perfect essence for energetic cleansing of a room, any gemstones, or basically the aura surrounding any being. It can create the balance to clear, protect and increase the magnetic field. Mix 1 cup water to 12 drops of Serapis Bey in a spray bottle, and spray away.
It is also powerful in giving depth of understanding as it pertains to conflict, pain and suffering.

Produced by: Wikinggruppen
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