PS008 Pomanderspray Olivegreen

380 kr
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Product Description:
To find your own inner room
Colour: Olive Green
Fragrance : Fresh, like herbs and woods
Crystal Energies : Adamite, epidote, jade

The Olive Pomander creates a bridge from the Solar Plexus to the Heart, on an emotional level which may create caring leadership qualities in both men and woman.

Whether male or female, the term ”feminine” here refers to the characteristics of the right brain and left side of the body. The olive can help us to to connect our intuitive and creative aspect, (yellow), with our feelings or heart center (green), which together make Olive. Therefore Olive is excellent for men to use as it may strengthen self-assertion regarding one's feelings. The Olive Pomander is also recommended for someone who stands at a crossroads, but it is really for all decision-making processes. It stimulates self-knowledge; or helps you to find out what is right for you, instead of living the truth of others.

Produced by: Wikinggruppen
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