Red pomander 25ml

375 kr
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Product Description:
Colour: Red
Fragrance : Fruity, spicy, earthy
Crystal Energies : Garnet, ruby

The Red Pomander restores polarities within the body which have been upset by fluctuations in the Earth's Grid Structure. Therefore, it affords powerful protection for those working directly with Earth Energies and Sacred Sites. It is The Protector from all negative Ley Lines, Psoric water and Geo-Pathic stresses.

It has the same affect as the Deep Red Pomander, only on a less potent scale. The Red Pomander assists in Earth work as well. Red is used for grounding and re-energizing, so it is indispensable as a tool during any therapy session, be it for the client or the Therapist. Red helps to overcome the negative effects from resentment and animosity, either toward oneself or others. It allows aggressive feelings to be overcome, especially in connection with a lack of groundedness.

Produced by: Wikinggruppen
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