QS013 Maha Chohan Turquoise

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Product Description:
Theme: ” To Say What We Feel ”
Colour: Pale Turquoise
Fragrance: Sweet and Deep

The Maha Chohan Quintessence assists with expression from the heart, allowing access to, and involvement with, our ”inner teacher” as well as deep contact with our ”inner Master”. This is the Quintessence and Ray for Light Workers and Rainbow Warriors.

The sacred vapours of Maha Chohan assist with expression from the heart, bringing to awareness what we need to say from the feeling side of our being. We are facilitated energetically with this quintessence to make a link between our Mind, our Heart and our Spirit, thus resurrecting pre-scientific Knowledge in its deepest aspect. This is because we can become tuned to subtler frequencies than we as humans have tried on our own. Many of those people working to recognise more fully that they are beings of light will resonate with the energies of Maha Chohan. There is also the space within the green aspect of the turquoise of Maha Chohan to begin to give more loving and caring respect to the world around us. We are all beings of light, this means plants and animals too. Can we learn to respect them?

Produced by: Wikinggruppen
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