Sanat Kumara quintessens 25ml

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Product Description:
Theme: ”Synthesis”
Colour:Pale Coral
Fragrance: Spicy

The Sanat Kumara & Lady Venus Kumara Quintessence brings the Divine into the everyday, seeing to the depths of the soul. ”As Above, so Below” - the most profound Love coming through to the material plane from the most subtle position of the Mother/Father Principle. To repeat the law 'as above , so below' gives us the opportunity to understand that we all reflect one another, on many levels there is reflection

Sanat Kumara is the Administrator all of the Master Rays and Controller of the Universal Masters. As such, this Quintessence fulfills the functions of all the Quintessences. Together with Lady Venus Kumara, these great Masters provide the energetic ”bridges” between this world/reality and all other parallel worlds. (My Father's house has many mansions.)

This Quintessence allows us to get to the heart of an issue - to see behind the mask and to reveal any possible disguise. These Masters link us to all of the other Masters so that each may be able to help assemble the pieces, or various facets, of a particular task or project. This brings a special awareness of the Divine Life to our everyday life. We can learn to honour all as it unfolds in the present. We have an opportunity to be present knowing that this is our life now, not in some future, we only live in the present, ”This is it”.

Produced by: Wikinggruppen
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