PS015 Pomanderspray Deep Magenta

360 kr
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Product Description:
Deep compassion
Colour: Deep Magenta
Fragrance : Fruity
Crystal Energies : Garnet, ruby, sugilite

The Deep Magenta Pomander enables self-realization and the awareness of your Life Purpose. It opens one to the 8th Chakra, otherwise called the Soul Star Chakra, located above the crown, and outside the body. It is in the Soul Star, that each individual Soul Fragment has access to the Divine Blueprint and what their potential and purpose within it is.

Deep Magenta brings the instinct and the intellect into unison so as to focus your attention on the importance of the small everyday things, and helps you to perform them with love. It points out that it is just as important how you do something, as what you do. It brings awareness of quality and understanding on all levels. Deep Magenta is restorative and strengthens the positive energy that returns after a depression, and gives a protective influence.

It assists you in tuning into nature and therefore facilitates reaching a deep meditative state. After meditation, this substance facilitates an integration of experiences that lie beyond words. It is useful in gaining clarity about old family patterns and to develop new ways of conducting oneself.

Produced by: Wikinggruppen
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